The Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), previously known as Indigo, is a runtime and a set of APIs in the .NET Framework for building connected, service-oriented applications.

.Net Developers
Anyone who has good understanding of C# programming language

Knowledge on C# is required

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WCF Training Course Content

  • WCF Services
  • Passing Various Kinds Of Parameters
  • Passing Objects As Parameters
  • Getting Data From Sql Server
  • Hosting A WCF Service
  • Creating A Client
  • What is SOA?
  • How To Achieve SOA?
  • Why WCF?
  • End Point Implementation – I
  • End Point Implementation – II
  • Understanding Self Host
  • Implementing Self Host
  • Implementing Self Host – II
  • Multiple Endpoints With Different Bindings
  • Declarative Endpoints With NamedPipes Bindings
  • Imperative Mex End Points (In Coding)
  • Declarative Mex End Points (In App.Config)
  • Understanding svcutil.exe Tool
  • Understanding Windows Host
  • Implementing Windows Host – I
  • Implementing Windows Host – II
  • Understanding WAS and Installing IIS7
  • Hosting WCF Service On IIS7
  • Understanding And Hosting WCF Service On WAS
  • Understanding Binding == Channel Stack
  • Binding Class Properties In Config File
  • Binding Class Properties In Programming
  • Specific Properties Of Various Bindings
  • Understanding Contracts In WCF
  • Properties Of Contracts Attributes
  • Operation Contract Modifications
  • Operation Overloading In WCF
  • Service Contract Inheritance In WCF
  • Conclusion Of Service Contract
  • Introduction To DataContract
  • Working With Properties Of DataContract And DataMember
  • Faults In WCF
  • FaultExceptions And FaultContracts
  • Sessions In WCF
  • Instance Management In WCF
  • Implementing Instance Management
  • Controlling Sessions
  • WCF Service To Sell Courses Online
  • Introduction To MEP And Implementing One Way
  • Duplex Or Callback MEP
  • Understanding Transactions In WCF
  • Implementing Transactions In WCF
  • Sessionful Transactions In WCF
  • Understanding Security Basics
  • Two Real-time Security Scenarios
  • MessageSecurity With NetTcpBinding
  • Windows Authorization
  • Windows Authentication
  • Enabling SSL For Transport Security
  • Implement Transport Security With Basic Http Binding
  • UserName Based Custom Authentication With Basic Http Binding
  • Custom Authorization With Basic Http Binding
  • Source Code WCF
  • What is a Web API?
  • Where does Web API Fits in Asp.Net?
  • First Simple Web API
  • Hosting Web API Service On IIS
  • Consuming Web API in Windows Client
  • Consuming Web API in Web Client
  • Implement CRUD Operations In Web APIs Using EF
  • Invoking CRUD Operations With Fiddler
  • Understanding HttpMessageHandler
  • Enhancing Get Methods
  • Enhancing Post Method
  • Model State Validation
  • Enhancing Put Method
  • EnhancingDeleteMethod
  • IHttpActionResult (1 Of 2)
  • IHttpActionResult (2 Of 2)
  • ContextScaffolding And ActionFilter
  • Routing In WebAPIs
  • Authentication Using APIKey – I
  • Authentication Using APIKey – II
  • Authorization Using Roles – I
  • Authorization Using Roles – II
  • HttpResponseException
  • ExceptionFilterAttribute
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