ServiceNow features a wide range of cloud-based tools to fix modern IT problems. ServiceNow is a solution provider for all of your IT projects and workflows using modern cloud based technology. It mainly use its three major offerings IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Business Management (ITBM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM). ServiceNow delivers the advanced version of ITIL in the form of ITSM. Whether you are interested in a specific function of the ServiceNow environment, like building a service portal, or a more broad training plan for becoming a ServiceNow Developer or Admin.

  • Anyone who Interested to learn ServiceNow Course.

Basic knowledge of JavaScript and OOPs is plus Point.

Understanding of ITIL

As on 26th April, 2019, 935+ ServiceNow related jobs are available on

ServiceNow Course Features:

          ✔ 35 Hours Instructor-Led Training

          ✔ Real-Time Expert Trainers 

          ✔ Material with Session Recordings

          ✔ Real-Time Project During Training

          ✔ Certification and Interview Preparation

          ✔ Max 4 students per batch for better Mentorship

Who Should Learn ServiceNow?

          ✔ Linux and System Admins

          ✔ Software Developers want to upgrade to cloud environment

          ✔ Beginners looking forward for Non-Coding Technology

          ✔ Cloud Computing Admirers

          ✔ Project Managers

          ✔ Technical Managers

ServiceNow Admin, Developer and Integration Training

WinPath IT offers ServiceNow End to End training program which includes all three modules ServiceNow Developer, Admin and Integration as required for a ServiceNow Software Engineer. Admin perspective you will get hands on User, Roles and Group management, ITIL, SLA, Service Catalog, Service Portal and CMDB. ServiceNow Developer module covers scripting on both client side and server side along with reporting and debugging scripts.

ServiceNow Online Course will help you in gaining the required knowledge both on informational and technical  perspective to target your Job and ServiceNow Admin Certification goals.

ServiceNow Admin Contents

  • What is ServiceNow?
  • Why can use ServiceNow?
  • Who Can Use ServiceNow?
  • Cloud computing
  • Navigation & users
  • Portals, and releases
  • Forms
  • Lists
  • Tables
  • Groups
  • Roles
  • Users
  • Personalizing Lists and Forms
  • Introduction of Fields
  • Plugins
  • Clearing the database Cache of ServiceNow
  • Removing the paper clip from Incident/Problem or Change
  • Modifying the Menu Categories
  • Creating the Application Menus
  • Creating the Modules
  • Types of Module Links
  • Update Set
  • Creating the Update Sets
  • Selecting the Update Set
  • Navigating the Updated Records
  • Merging the Update Sets
  • Components of SLA
  • Definition of SLA
  • Difference between the SLA, OLA and Underpinning contracts
  • Task SLA
  • SLA workflow
  • SLA conditions
  • Introduction to the SLA & default SLA workflows
  • Installing the SLA plugins
  • Use Retro Restart option
  • Introduction to the  Categories & Items
  • Record the Producers
  • Introduction to the Variables & Variable Sets.
  • Creating the workflows
  • Associating the workflows to Items
  • Using the workflow effectively in SLA & Service catalog
  • Data Imports
  • Creating the Transform Maps
  • Defining the Transform maps
  • Creating the transform scripts
  • Overview
  • Creating UI Policy
  • Defining the Client Scripts
  • On load Check Box
  • View the Specific UI Policy
  • Converting the UI Policy to the Data Policy
  • Service Catalog UI Policy
  • Switch between UI15 & UI16
  • Branding you instance
  • Create the custom homepage
  • Groups and Roles
  • Emails and notification
  • User preferences
  • ACL- Security rules
  • Creating the knowledge article
  • Selecting the knowledge article category
  • One to Many Relationships
  • Many to many Relationships
  • Enforce the one to one relationship
  • Define the Custom relationship
  • Database table inheritance
  • Introduction
  • Benefits of the CMDB
  • CI to CI relationships
  • BSM MAP related Cis
  • Key CMDB Tables
  • IT Service Processes
  • CMDB Schema
  • Understand the Service Portal
  • Understand the Widgets
  • Components of Service Portal

ServiceNow Developer Contents

  • To Script, or not to Script ?
  • Client Side v/s Server side APIs
  • Where Scripting is Supported
  • Integrated Development Environment
  • The Structure of API Class
  • Server-Side APIs
  • Glide Record
  • Glide Element
  • Glide Date and Time
  • Glide Session
  • Glide System
  • Glide User
  • Client-Side APIs
  • GlideAjax
  • GlideForm (g_form)
  • Dot-walking and Glide Element
  • Script Rules
  • Client Scripts
  • Security
  • Compatibility
  • Build for Performance
  • UI Scripts
  • Scripts Files from the Server
  • Logging
  • Client Side Debugging
  • Server Side Debugging
  • JavaScript Debugger (Istanbul)
  • Breakpoints
  • Debugging Business Rule
  • Debugging ACL
  • Background Scripts
ServiceNow Online Course in Hyderabad

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WinPath IT is the best Institute for ServiceNow Online Training in Hyderabad. Freshers are trained with required pre-requisites for the course. If you are looking for ServiceNow Admin Certification course, you can enroll with us.

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