ServiceNow features a wide range of cloud-based tools to fix modern IT problems. Whether you are interested in a specific function of the ServiceNow environment, like building a service portal, or a more broad training plan for becoming a ServiceNow Developer or Admin.

  • Anyone who Interested to learn ServiceNow Course.

Basic knowledge of JavaScript and OOPs is plus Point.

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ServiceNow Training Course Content

  • What is ServiceNow?
  • Why can use ServiceNow?
  • Who Can Use ServiceNow?
  • Cloud computing
  • Navigation & users
  • Portals, and releases
  • Forms
  • Lists
  • Tables
  • Groups
  • Roles
  • Users
  • Personalizing Lists and Forms
  • Introduction of Fields
  • Plugins
  • Clearing the database Cache of ServiceNow
  • Removing the paper clip from incident
  • Modifying the Menu Categories
  • Creating the Application Menus
  • Creating the Modules
  • Types of Module Links
  • Update Set
  • Creating the Update Sets
  • Selecting the Update Set
  • Navigating the Updated Records
  • Merging the Update Sets
  • Components of SLA
  • Definition of SLA
  • Difference between the SLA, OLA and Underpinning contracts
  • Task SLA
  • SLA workflow
  • SLA conditions
  • Introduction to the SLA & default SLA workflows
  • Installing the SLA plugins
  • Use Retro Restart option
  • Introduction to the  Categories & Items
  • Record the Producers
  • Introduction to the Variables & Variable Sets.
  • Creating the workflows
  • Associating the workflows to Items
  • Using the workflow effectively in SLA & Service catalog
  • Data Imports
  • Creating the Transform Maps
  • Defining the Transform maps
  • Creating the transform scripts
  • Overview
  • Creating UI Policy
  • Defining the Client Scripts
  • On load Check Box
  • View the Specific UI Policy
  • Converting the UI Policy to the Data Policy
  • Service Catalog UI Policy
  • Switch between UI15 & UI16
  • Branding you instance
  • Create the custom homepage
  • Groups and Roles
  • Emails and notification
  • User preferences
  • ACL- Security rules
  • Creating the knowledge article
  • Selecting the knowledge article category
  • One to Many Relationships
  • Many to many Relationships
  • Enforce the one to one relationship
  • Define the Custom relationship
  • Database table inheritance
  • Introduction
  • Benefits of the CMDB
  • CI to CI relationships
  • BSM MAP related Cis
  • Key CMDB Tables
  • IT Service Processes
  • CMDB Schema
  • Understand the Service Portal
  • Understand the Widgets
  • Components of Service Portal
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