What is MSBI?

Business intelligence software is a type of application software designed to retrieve, analyze, transform and report data for business intelligence.

WinPath IT’s MSBI Training in Hyderabad provides you extensive knowledge to work on Microsoft Business Intelligence tools like SQL Server Reporting,  Analysis and Integration Services. Whole MSBI course is sub divided into 3 modules SSIS, SSRS & SSAS. We offer classroom and MSBI online training by real time expert trainers.

Data Analysts, Software Architects, ETL Developers, BI Professionals, people looking to upskill themselves in MSBI, and more.

No Prerequisites anybody can learn this course.

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MSBI Course Content

  • Definition of Data Warehouse
  • Why Data Warehouse
  • DWH Architecture
  • Star and Snowflake schema
  • Transaction Data
  • Dimension Table
  • Fact Table
  • OLTP(Online Transaction Processing System)
  • OLAP(Online Analytical Processing System)
  • Reporting Services Architecture
  • Core Components of SSRS Reports
  • Types of Reports
  • Basic SSRS Report
  • Data Sources and Shared Data Sources
  • Datasets and Shared Datasets
  • Report Parameters
  • Multi valued and cascading parameters
  • Drill down Report
  • Drill Through Report
  • Report Formatting
  • Custom Expressions
  • Subscriptions
  • Report Manager and Report Server
  • Report Security
  • Improving Report Performance
  • Getting started with SSIS
    • SSIS Overview
    • Import and Export Wizard
    • SSIS Architecture
      • Packages
      • Control Flow
      • Data Flow
      • Variables
      • Parameters
      • Error Handling and Logging
    • Creating a Solution and Project
    • Exploring SQL Server Data Tools
    • The SSIS Package Designer
      • Control Flow
      • Connection Managers
      • Variables
      • Data Flow
      • Parameters
      • Event Handlers
      • Package Explorer
      • Executing a Package
    • Creating Your First Package
  • Control Flow
    • What is Control Flow
    • Using Precedence Constraints
    • Manipulating Files with the File System Task
    • Coding Custom Script Tasks
    • Using the Execute SQL Task
    • Using the Execute Process Task
    • Using the Expression Task
    • Using the Send Mail Task
    • Using the FTP Task
    • Creating a Data Flow
  • Data Flow lesson
    • Extracting Data from Sources
    • Loading Data to a Destination
    • Changing Data Types with the Data Conversion Transform
    • Creating and Replacing Columns with the Derived Column Transform
    • Rolling Up Data with the Aggregate Transform
    • Data with the Sort Transform
    • Joining Data with the Lookup Transform
    • Auditing Data with the Row Count Transform
    • Combining Multiple Inputs with the Union All Transform
    • Cleansing Data with the Script Component
    • Separating Data with the Conditional Split Transform
    • Altering Rows with the OLE DB Command Transform
    • Handling Bad Data with the Fuzzy Lookup
    • Removing Duplicates with the Fuzzy Grouping Transform
  • Containers
    • Sequence Containers
    • For Loop Containers
    • Foreach Loop Container
  • Making Packages Dynamic
    • Making a Package Dynamic with Variables
    • Making a Package Dynamic with Parameters
    • Making a Connection Dynamic with Expressions
    • Making a Task Dynamic with Expressions
  • Configuring Packages
    • Using Configuration Tables to deploy SSIS package
    • Using Configuration Files to deploy SSIS package
  • Troubleshooting SSIS Package
    • Logging Package Data
    • Using Event Handlers
    • Troubleshooting Errors
    • Using Data Viewers
    • Using Breakpoints
  • Administering SSIS
    • Creating and Configuring the SSIS Catalog
    • Deploying Packages to the Package Catalog
    • Configuring the Packages
    • Configuring the Service
    • Securing SSIS Packages
    • Running SSIS Packages
    • Scheduling Packages
  • Loading a Warehouse
    • Dimension Load
    • Fact Table Load
  • Definition of Cube
  • Advantage of Cube
  • Star and snowflake schema
  • Creating your First Cube
    • Creating your first SSAS project
    • Creating a Data Connection/Data Source
    • Creating a Data Source View
    • Creating a Cube
    • Creating a dimension
    • Creating a Measure
    • Creating a role
    • Browsing your first cube from SSAS project
    • Exploring the cube using Excel
    • Browsing the Cube from SSMS
  • Enhancing your First Cube (dimensions, translations, hierarchy)
    • Creating translations by updating the dimensions
    • Updating the Data Source View by replacing it with a query
    • Adding a hierarchy
  • Calculations
  • Creating MDX Statement for querying Measures and Dimensions
  • Hierarchies
    • Parents and children
    • Ancestors and Ascendants
    • Descendants, firstchild and lastchild
    • Siblings functions
  • Date Hierarchies
    • Getting YTD and MTD to work
    • LastPeriods – going into the past
    • ParallelPeriod, and combining with YTD
  • Creating and Joining Sets
  • Partitions
  • Functions
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
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