Hibernate is an object-relational mapping tool for the Java language. It provides a framework for mapping an object-oriented domain model to a relational database. Hibernate handles object-relational impedance mismatch problems by replacing direct, persistent database accesses with high-level object handling functions.

Hibernate for Java Programmers looking for a refresher on the Hibernate Framework and its APIs.

Good Understanding on Java Programming Lanuage.

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Hibernate Training Course Content

  • Data Persistence
  • Object Relational Impedance Mismatch
  • Hibernate Architecture
  • Hibernate API & Entity State
  • Key APIs of Hibernate
  • CRUD Operations using Hibernate
  • Hibernate Entity States
  • Hibernate Query Options
  • HQL
  • HQL Support for Security
  • HQL Aggregate Functions
  • SQL Clauses in HQL
  • HQL Functions
  • Joins in HQL
  • Solution Identifier Generation
  • Increment Strategy
  • Identity Strategy
  • Hilo Strategy
  • Native Strategy
  • Assigned Strategy
  • Composite Primary Key Generation
  • One to One Mapping
  • One to Many Mapping
  • Many to One Mapping
  • Many to Many Mapping
  • Table per Class
  • Table per Sub Class
  • Solutions using Criteria API
  • First-level Caching
  • Why Second Level Caching
  • Second Level Caching
  • Class Level Auditing
  • Property Level Auditing
  • Implementing Event Listener
  • Handling Events
  • Implementation of Interceptors
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