What is ASP.Net?

ASP.net is an open-source server-side web application framework designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages. It was developed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic websites, web applications, and web services. The full form of ASP is Active Server Page.

Newbies or students looking for a refresher on the ASP.net

One should have a basic understanding of .NET programming language.
Majority of industry use C# to write server side code. So, knowledge on C# is required.
It will be good if you have an understanding of other web technologies such as HTML, CSS, AJAX. 

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ASP.net Training Course Content

  • Communication between server and browser
  • Http Request life Cycle
  • HTTP Protocol
  • Request and Response Structure
  • Difference between Get and Post
  • ASP.NET Introduction
  • First ASP.NET Application
  • AutoPostback Property
  • Event Handler Parameters
  • Dynamically initializing Controls
  • IsPostBack property of Page class
  • ListControls
  • Comparison between HtmlControls and WebControls
  • Control Properties and Methods
  • FileUpload Control
  • What is AppDomain?
  • Life Cycle of ASP.NET Page
  • How Control Manages its State
  • What is EnableViewState
  • How control raises events
  • Event handling in Web Forms
  • Writing Custom Classes in WebApplication
  • Working with CSS
  • Working with Themes
  • Redirecting Options
  • Response.Redirect
  • Server.Transfer
  • Cross Page Postback
  • Determine how the Page was Invoked
  • Passing Values between Pages
  • Introduction to MasterPage
  • ContentPlaceHolder and Content tags
  • Accessing controls of MasterPage in ContentPage
  • URL’s in MasterPages
  • UniqueID and ClientID
  • Overview of User Controls
  • Creating a User Control
  • Adding Properties to User Control
  • Adding Events to User Control
  • Using User Control in Web Form
  • Rendering Client Scripts using Page.ClientScript methods
  • BaseValidator
  • RequiredFieldValidator
  • CompareValidator
  • RangeValidator
  • RegularExpressionValidator
  • CustomValidator
  • CausesValidation Property
  • Grouping – ValidationGroup Property
  • Paga.Validators and Page.IsValid
  • Static Members
  • View State
  • Hidden Field in Form
  • Query String
  • HttpContext
  • Cookies – HttpCookie
  • Sessions – HttpSessionState
  • Application – HttpApplicationState
  • Summary of All Features
  • Introduction to Configuration files
  • Page settings in web.config
  • Custom Errors
  • URL Re-Writing
  • Tracing
  • Using ConfigSource Attribute
  • Using Location Section
  • HttpApplication class – Global.asax
  • What is Authentication and Authorization
  • Types of Authentication
  • Forms Authentication
  • Role based Authentication
  • Windows and Basic Authentication
  • What is ASP.NET Impersonation
  • Using location section in Web.config
  • Databinding traditional way
  • SqlDataSource
  • GridView
  • DetailsView
  • FormView
  • DataList
  • Repeater
  • ListView
  • DataPager
  • Why Caching
  • Types of Caching
  • SQL Cache Invalidation
  • Definitions
  • Creating Resource files for different cultures
  • Designing the WebForm & linking controls to keys in Resource files
  • Alternatives to initialize culture settings of the page.
  • What is AJAX
  • What is AJAX.NET
  • Script Manager
  • Update Panel
  • Update Progress
  • Timer
  • AJAX Control Toolkit
  • What is Routing
  • Mapping Route to Physical file
  • Reading Route Parameters
  • Route Expression
  • Generate URL using Markup
  • Introduction to ASP.NET Web Application
  • Advantages of IIS Applications
  • Creating web application in IIS
  • Converting File System application to IIS Application
  • Using Virtual Directory
  • Publishing ASP.NET Websites
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