What is AJAX?

 AJAX is not a programming language. AJAX is a technique for accessing web servers from a web page. Using AJAX, we can update a web page without reloading the page.

AJAX Full Form:

Asynchronous JavaScript And XML.

  • Anyone who wants to learn AJAX from scratch
  • Anyone who wants to develop dynamic and interactive web applications

Basic knowledge of HTML, XML and JavaScript is required

As on 15th Jan, 2019, 45000 – 46000 AJAX related jobs are available on Indeed.com

AJAX Training Course Content

  • What is AJAX?
  • Technologies behind AJAX
  • Initiate the Request using XMLHttpRequest Object
  • Handle the Response
  • Asynchronous Vs Synchronous Communication
  • Different Types of Data: Plain Text/XML/JSON
  • Parse JSON Data
  • Parse XML Data
  • Introduction to AJAX with jQuery
  • The ajax() Method
  • More Options to Configure AJAX Request
  • Three Callback Options with ajax() Method
  • jQuery’s Shorthand AJAX Methods: get(), post(), getJSON() and load()
  • Same-Origin Policy
  • Using Proxy Server
  • JSONP – JSON with Padding
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